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Perfect Proteins: Why Chia and Hemp Seeds are Vital to Your Health

by Lauren King April 30, 2015

The Basics

Amino Acids are widely known to be the building blocks of proteins. Most of us don’t know how that applies to our daily life, let alone what kinds of foods we need to consume in order to make sure we are supplying our bodies with enough. Here’s the basics for our fellow nutrition nuts.

Why You Need Amino Acids 

Humans can produce 10 of the 20 Amino Acids. That means 50% of the material our bodies need to produce muscle and to function normally must be found in our daily food intake. If we are deficient in even 1 of the 20 Amino Acids, the body has to break down muscles in search of it. Even the healthiest humans must monitor their diet to ensure they get all 20 of these nutrients every day, as the body cannot store Amino Acids the way we can store fats and starch. Not to worry, Omega Seed Spices contain some of the richest known sources of all 20 Amino Acids.

How Can a Seed Be a Superfood?

Plants have the natural ability to create every single Amino Acid necessary to sustain life. Seeds of certain plants, namely Chia and Hemp, are considered “superfoods” because these little marvels contain copious amounts of nutrition, including all 20 of those AA’s. That’s why we packed each and every Omega Seed Spice with a hearty helping of both Chia and Hemp Seeds.

Get the Benefits of AA's with Omega Seed Spice

We’re writing this to help bring awareness and consciousness back onto American Plates. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean extra stress- we included the Superfood Seeds to boost your Amino Acid intake without even thinking of it. Omega Seed Spices are meant to be enjoyed on every meal, so get to shakin’.

Healthy Looks Delicious 

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Source: University of Arizona 

Lauren King
Lauren King


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