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About Us

Omega Seed Spice LLC is a Denver-based online shop featuring Superfood Seed Based Seasonings and Spices. We offer a variety of flavor packed nutritional seasonings that you can sprinkle on your proteins, steak, poultry, pork, seafood, vegetables, salads, pizzas, sides, snacks, yogurt, and even your favorite breakfast and desserts.

Our seasoning flavors include Barbeque, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Pink Salt+Pepper, Buffalo, Hot Garlic, Italian, Curry, Cacaonut, and Cinnaspice. Each Omega Seed Spice seasoning contains the following nutrient-dense superfood seeds: hemp seed, flax seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, poppy seed, and chia seed.

About the Founders

What do you do when nutrition is your passion and good food is your love? Spread the love and sprinkle a little bit of healthy on everything. That's how we see it.

Omega Seed Spice was founded in 2015 by Dez and Lauren King, a couple of traveling "health nuts" looking to change the world. Even if it means planting our seeds on food to have a healthy impact, we want to spread goodness any way that we can. Before Omega Seed Spice turned into our lightbulb idea - we did our research. Thorough research. And we made sure that our business concept and model was in line with reaching our large-scale goals. 

Whatever you eat, just throw some healthy on it. That's what Omega Seed Spices are for. Add complete plant-based nutrition to every meal.

We hope you'll find your favorite flavors and replace all of your old nutrient-less seasonings with Omega Seed Spice. 

May the health be with you. 

Dez & Lauren